About Us
Hospitality Software Pioneers

The past 10 years have seen the hospitality industry in India, grow by leaps and bounds. The reasons for this may be many ~ globalisation, exposure to foreign media, increased buying power of information technology.

Most hospitality managers had to almost reinvent themselves for computers.

In today’s IT age, information is crisp, quick, precise and available at the press of a button. At Hotelsoft, this has always been our mantra and, with experience that stretches back more than a decade, Hotelsoft have been pioneers in the field of software solutions for the hotel and restaurant industry.

HOTELSOFT continues to design, upgrade and deliver software solutions for many modern hotel or restaurant requirements.

Today’s advances in IT have helped Hotelsoft to now take it a step further, with an off the shelf product, Hotelsoft.
Hotelsoft was not created in a lab, but by an IT professional from the hospitality industry itself. It is a result of many years of first hand observations. Experience and research.
With Hotelsoft, the modern hospitality manger can virtually visit every department of the hotel and instantly observe the day’s performance, in real time.  All this from the privacy of his office.

The special highlights of hotelsoft are:
  • Real-time analysis of data from all hotel departments
  • Dramatically improves planning and coordination between management and staff
  • Helps control misuse, wastage and pilferage

  • Instantaneous historical data, to analyse purchase and sales pricings, customer trends and comparison with past results
  • Hotelsoft radically boosts the operating confidence of any hotel or restaurant.
Instant & real time

Hotelsoft specially keeps in kind the pace of growth and expansion in the hospitality industry. It covers all areas of operations and is in fact a combo of several software packages, which instantly provide individual or composite information, on all important parameters of operations, at the hotel’s various profit centers.